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Betty Layward Primary Book Drop!

Exciting news: We have a new school partner! We were introduced to the Betty Layward Primary School in Hackney by Alex, who has children at the school in Nursery and Year 3. We were absolutely delighted to be able to send them some of the wonderful chapter books that we have in our Reading Network library.

School libraries are still mostly closed or can't be accessed by the children in the same was as in pre-Covid times, so it is especially important for classrooms to have books available for the children to read within their school bubbles.

We were able to send 100 junior chapter books to be distributed to the Key Stage 2 classes at the school. We hope the kids enjoy them!

This collection had a wonderful pre-loved set of Roald Dahl books, some classic fairy tales, and several books about cats!

We can't wait to hear how the children are using the books and which ones are their favourites!

Thank you Alex! And thank you, as always, to all of our generous donators. Your books are making their way into the hands of children that will adore them!

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